Puppy Bubbles Policies

Regarding Covid:

1.  Masks are mandatory to enter our facility.

2. Only one client(family) in the lobby at a time.

Regarding appointments:

1.  Please be on time to your appointment. If you are going to be later than 10 minutes your appointment may need to be rescheduled and you will be charged the missed appointment fee. (1/2 the base price of the groom).

2.  We ask that you give us plenty of notice if you need to reschedule your appointment so that we are able to fill it in time (preferably by 12pm the day prior).  If you cancel the day of, or do not show up for your appointment, you will be charged the missed appointment fee.

3.  Generally we give 4 hours for an appointment. Often we are done sooner, in extreme circumstances we are done later. If you are unable to pick up by the 4 hour mark we do charge a daycare fee of $25. This is to reduce the amount of dogs running around as we are a kennel free environment. If you need a dog back by a certain time please discuss this when making the appointment so we can decide if accommodations are possible. If we keep the dog past the 4 hours the daycare fee does not apply.

4.  We close when the last dog goes home, no later than 3:30 pm.

5.  Please do not show up before your pet is due out. We will call when your pet is ready or give you a time in which will be safe for you to arrive. Often if they are on the table and they see you, they will be too excited and very difficult to finish.

Regarding the groom:

1.  We will do our best to give you the haircut you desire. This is achieved by detailed notes and communication between you and the groomer. If you are unhappy with some aspect of the groom, let us know right away and we will fix it. If you don’t tell us, we don’t know and won’t learn from it.

2.  We do not offer dematting services beyond minor spots (ears and tails if salvageable and no risk of injury to the pet). 

3.  Occasionally injuries occur as we are working on moving targets. If we are aware of it, we will assess it, treat it and inform you of it. If we do not tell you about an injury, it is because we are not aware of it. Please feel free to inform us if you find something out of the ordinary.

These policies are in place so that we are able to give your pet the full attention it deserves. We schedule every pet around the others that are coming in as we generally know how much time each one takes us. We prefer not to overbook as we value quality over quantity.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me directly: becca@puppy-bubbles.com