We are open Monday-Friday from 7am-5:00pm. Feel free to call and make an appointment


2448 SE 76th St #108
Mercer Island, Wa 98040

We can be found nearby Shear Madness, The Mercer Island Veterinary Clinic and Chris Francisco Jewelers at the very end of the parking lot.


All of our Pet Stylist of Puppy Bubbles provides all breed dog grooming.


Grooming Supplies- Shampoo, conditioner, brushes, combs and toothpaste for at home maintenance between grooms.

Healthy Treats and Toys - A good way to reward your pet after their day at the salon.


We strive to make you pet happy with low stress environment for your beloved pet. We give your pet breaks between the bath and groom, lots of healthy treats and affection before, during and after their groom and socialization with other pets to give them a positive experience when coming to the grooming salon. We do provide kennels for dog aggressive pets, or if you'd prefer your pet was kenneled rather than free roaming with other pets and are aware of pets with food sensitivities keeping several different treats on hand to suit each pet's dietary needs while still giving them little snacks to keep them happy.

Above all, we wish to turn the shakes and shivers of a nervous pet in to wiggles and wags of a pet excited to come back to Puppy Bubbles.


Please feel free to join us on Facebook. Several times during the day we attempt to take breaks to catch pictures of happy pets in action playing or comfortably napping on one of our many pet beds. We update almost daily so look to see if your pet is on our page and feel free to comment or add pictures of your own to the fan page!